Working at the intersection of communications, strategy, technology and data to deliver successful outcomes for some of Australia’s largest organisations. And smallest too.

Asking questions. Joining dots. Leading change.

As a strategic leader with significant experience across Marketing/Advertising, Ecommerce, Digital/Social, UX/CX and IT/Technology (and the ways they overlap and integrate together) – I’ve certainly learnt and passed on the value of being perpetually inquisitive and strive to foster a culture of collaboration, curiosity, critical thought and creativity. It keeps my projects, campaigns, teams and stakeholders focussed and effective, and unlocks new insights and opportunities. Every time.

I am passionate about clearly defining organisational problems and objectives, understanding the corresponding human motivations and behaviours, articulating the balance of short and long-term priorities, and then developing strategies, programs or innovative ideas that drive change, actions and results.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions to be asked or dots for me to join: